About Myself

Presently working as professor in computer science at the University of Applied Sciences, Fribourg - Switzerland, I was previously post-doctoral researcher in bioinformatics in the SprecherLab - dept. of Biology - University of Fribourg. Before this and already as post doctoral reseacher, I worked on the project ICE in the Pervasive and Artificial Intelligence Research Group, Department of informatics, University of Fribourg - Switzerland.
I got my PhD in computer science in June 2011 in the domain of ubiquitous and pervasive computing. I'm interested in Ubicomp and HCI in the context of pervasive systems. More specifically, I'm focusing on the HCI questions in smart environment and the way users interact with such environment using their mobile devices with embeded sensing capabilities.


I have also more than 10 years field ICT experience in humanterian organisations and have been working in the conflicting contexts such as Rwanda, Congo, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and others.

I've been also lecturer in computer sciences in different Bachelor and Master courses.